About us

Gurukul Khabar is Newly registered digital news media that disseminates information . Information is power . We are listening this sentence since long time . Time has come to redefine this sentence . Information only is not power. Right and authentic information is power . So, our main aim is that to inform people with right and authentic information .

Gurukul khabar specially carries education and health issues . political issues can not be apart form every issues. So , we include political issues but it must be special and have to give impact on public lives .

This digital media tries to cover unheard stories of person . It is not willing to say by those pioneer and other media also are not interested to take it from them we cover it as a news story and news feature . For example , school and college life is the most important period of persons life. All those memories has stored on back of the mind .It is being extent day by day . We try to collect their memories .

We are very much eager to raise the voice of the voiceless people and are concerned with their education status and conditions as well as health conditions .

Our media house is definitely watch dog for the activities which are done by Government and other stakeholder. Not only that Gurukul Khabar team is committed for responsible journalism and plays the role of an independent watchdog of democracy. Gurukul Khabar is on the path of to be popular and most-visited digital media in the country . We have been, undoubtedly, able to play the role of an information bridge between Nepali who are spending their life in abroad and within Nepal .